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BERG Go Karts Ireland - Warranty Info

BERG Product Registration Activate Your BERG Product Warranty

Thank you for selecting BERG as your preferred brand for your new go-kart or trampoline purchase! By opting to enroll your BERG Product, you unlock an extended warranty of 3 years for your go-kart or trampoline. (For the BERG Go², registration offers a 1-year extension to the warranty period.)

When you complete the registration process for your product, not only do you secure an extended warranty but you also ensure an extended period of coverage for your BERG Go-Kart and trampoline.

Please note: Registration pertains exclusively to the go-kart or trampoline frame. Safety nets and other accessories are not covered under this registration.

Understanding Product Registration

Outlined below are the steps to successfully register your BERG product.

Registration Steps

Step 1:

Enter your product's name or article number in the search field. (Entering just one field is sufficient.)

Step 2:

Select the desired product for registration.

Step 3:

Provide the purchase date and batch number (serial number).

If you're unsure about the serial number's location, refer to the document on locating serial numbers for go-karts or trampolines. Additionally, upload your proof of purchase. Click "next."

Step 4:

Fill out your information and confirm by clicking "submit."

Step 5:

Congratulations! Your product is now registered. You'll have the option to download the certificate and/or have it sent to your email address.

If you encounter any registration difficulties, consult the FAQs listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My trampoline's name doesn't yield any search results. What should I do? If a search for the full product name (e.g., BERG Elite+InGround Red 430 Tattoo + Safety Net T-series) doesn't yield results, try a partial name search (e.g., Elite+InGround). Sometimes, the product name sequence could be entered incorrectly, leading to no results.

  2. Is it necessary to complete both search fields? No, you can search using either the product name or article number. Submitting just one of these fields is sufficient. The article number is typically available on the product page on our website.

  3. Which article number should I enter, and where can I find it? You can register your product using the package number (e.g., trampoline + net article number), not the individual number (e.g., trampoline article number). If the article number doesn't yield search results, you might have used an incorrect number. The correct article number, as used by our BERG resellers, is available on our website under the relevant product. This article number can be used for registration.

Note: Your purchase might consist of multiple products.

Go-Kart For products with multiple boxes, only the go-kart frame needs to be registered. The article number is printed on the box's label. (The theme box warranty is automatically covered upon go-kart frame registration.)

Trampoline Registering the trampoline is sufficient. The article number is printed on the box's label. (Safety net warranty is automatically covered when the trampoline is registered.)

Tip: If the box is unavailable and product reference is missing from your dealer invoice, retrieve it at: [Go-Karts Link] or [Trampolines Link].

How can I obtain a valid certificate? Upon completing your product registration, you'll be given the option to download the certificate and/or have it sent via email.

Where can I find my product's serial number? For go-karts: Locate the serial number of your go-kart. For trampolines: Find the serial number of your trampoline.

Registration Terms and Conditions:

  • Register your product within 1 month of purchase via this page. Otherwise, the standard warranty period mentioned in the User Manual applies.
  • A frame warranty is valid with a valid proof of purchase and associated certificate.
  • The warranty is non-transferable.
  • General Warranty Terms cover all products.
  • These campaigns do not establish legal rights.
  • Registration doesn't apply to BERG products intended for recreational and/or leisure use.
  • BERG retains the right to modify campaigns and associated conditions.
  • BERG is not liable for content or image errors.