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BERG Go Kart Model to Age Range

When you're considering buying a BERG go kart for your kids it can helpful to understand the different ranges and models and which one may be most suitable for the ages of your children.

To speak to an expert about which BERG Go Kart model may be most suitable for your children please phone 01 960 1641.


TABLE: BERG Go Karts to Recommended Age Range


Age Range Pedal Go-Kart Model Key Features
10-30 months BERG GO² - 2 in 1 design: ride-on and pedal go-kart
- Foldable pedals for push car mode
- Toddler-friendly, suitable for ages 10-30 months
2-5 years BERG Buzzy - Beginner pedal go-kart for kids learning to pedal
- Available in various fun versions and colors
3-8 years BERG Buddy - Slightly bigger than BERG Buzzy
- Wide range of colors and themes available
4-12 years BERG Rally - Lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability
- Adjustable seat and steering wheel for growing kids
5+ years BERG Go-karts - Available in four versions: BFR, BFR-3, XXL-BFR, E-BFR
- Suitable for older children and teenagers
- Wide range of colors and themes available


Please note that the table summarizes the information provided in the PEDAL GO-KART BUYING GUIDE for the different age ranges and their corresponding BERG Pedal Go-kart models.