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BERG BFR Frame Options Explained


The expansive range of BERG Go-karts (suitable for ages 5+ and 6+) offers a variety of four distinct frame choices. You have the option to select from a standard frame, a three-gear frame, an extended frame, or an electrically assisted frame.

Learn more about the following frame options:

  • XL BFR Frame
  • XL BFR-3 Frame
  • XXL BFR Frame
  • XXL E-BFR Frame
  • XXL E-BFR-3 Frame

XL BFR Frame

All large BERG Go-karts are equipped with the BFR system: Brake, Freewheel, and Reverse. This system allows you to brake and then immediately reverse using the pedals. Additionally, the freewheel feature keeps the pedals stationary while the wheels are in motion. This combination of functionalities ensures safety while driving the go-kart.

XL BFR-3 Frame

Incorporating the BFR system, the BERG also introduces the BFR-3 frame. The abbreviation remains the same, but now with an exciting addition: three gears! Three gears on your go-kart provide enhanced comfort and enable faster arrivals at your destination.


Tailored for individuals taller than average, the BERG XXL frame is an ideal choice. The XXL BFR Frame retains the standard BFR system but includes a reinforced and extended frame. The significant distinction is the presence of two additional seating positions at the rear of the frame, increasing the total positions from six to eight. This configuration enhances the comfort of taller individuals using the go-kart.


Designed for children aged 6 and above, the E-BFR Frame incorporates electric assistance. The motor provides increased support as you pedal harder, making it suitable for both children and adults. The larger frame and two extra seat positions make this go-kart versatile and accommodating.

Key features of the E-BFR Frame:

• Includes a display with speedometer, distance meter, and battery capacity

• Equipped with a removable 24V/240Wh battery

• Features a 250W middle motor with torque sensor

• Offers 6-8 hours of driving pleasure under optimal conditions

• Comes with a battery charger

• An XXL Frame with two additional seat positions e-bfr frame xxl

XXL E-BFR-3 Frame

The E-BFR-3 frame shares the same pedal-assist capabilities as the E-BFR, but distinguishes itself with the inclusion of 3 gears for even smoother acceleration.

The E-BFR-3 gearing ensures quicker starts and easier hill climbs. The E-Motor contributes to faster take-offs by assisting with gear changes. Just like the E-BFR, the E-BFR-3 provides more motor support as you pedal harder.

The E-Skelter features a 250W E-Motor that offers four levels of support: ECO, TOUR, SPORT, and TURBO.